Jonathan Kemp Shortlisted for Polari Prize 2011

We have been rather silent in the last few weeks since the extension of the Green Carnation’s deadline this year, get ready though as we are back and gearing up for the long list announcement. Speaking of long and short lists we were delighted to see that Jonathan Kemp, who we long and short listed last year, has made it through to the Polari First Book Prize shortlist as announced at the South Bank Centre last night, we are delighted. We will always keep our eyes peeled for the authors we have loved in past years and their news/updates. We have to say we were very sad to see that fellow Green Carnation shortlisted author Max Schaefer and his stunning debut ‘Children of the Sun’ didn’t make it, but you an’t have everything and different judges make different decisions… one of the many joys of book prizes.

One of the five Polari Prize judges Rachel Holmes,  Southbank Centre’s Head of Literature and Spoken Word, said ‘This is a very strong list of robustly diverse voices and genres’ and we are looking forward to trying them out after the reading we all have to do this year. The shortlisted titles are…

‘Love, Hope & High Heels’ – Clare Campbell
‘Autofellatio’ – James Maker
‘Homo Jihad’ – Timothy Graves
‘Julian Corkle is a Filthy Liar’ – DJ Connell
‘London Triptych’ – Jonathan Kemp

Good luck to all the shortlisted authors, though we will have everything crossed a little harder for Jonathan (is that too biased) when the winner is announced on the 21st of November at Polari Salon’s 4th Birthday celebrations.

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