Jonathan Kemp and Max Schaefer Long Listed for ‘Polari First Book Prize’

We are thrilled to have discovered today that two of the authors from The Green Carnation 2010 Short List, Jonathan Kemp’s ‘The London Triptych’ and Max Schaefer’s ‘Children of the Sun’ have been long listed for the first ‘Polari First Book Prize’.  These were two of our judge’s favourite books of last year and impressed the panel no end, especially given the fact they were debuts. Simon Savidge, who judged last year and chairs this years panel, said at the time “each book had its own strengths… London Triptych for its characters (one of which might just be my favourite character of the year) and historical feel over the generations, Children of the Sun for being an importantly disturbing and shocking tale.”

We have everything crossed for these two being short listed when it is announced in the next few months. The Polari First Book Prize judges, who include Paul Burston and Suzi Feay, have long listed the following…

  • Julian Corkle Is A Filthy Liar – DJ Connell
  • Same Again Please – Michael B Jones
  • London Triptych – Jonathan Kemp
  • The Bird Keeper – Issy Festing
  • Love, Hope and High Heels – Clare Campbell
  • I Don’t Remember You – Stephanie Lennox
  • Children of the Sun – Max Schaefer
  • Autofellatio – James Maker
  • Homo Jihad – Timothy Graves
  • C’est La Vie – Bruce Hodson

You can find more out about this new prize for “a work of poetry, prose, fiction or non-fiction which best explores the queer experience” here.

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