Glad To Be A Gay Writer? The Guardian Podcast…

In this week’s Guardian podcast you can see them continue their “inquiry into the politics of fiction” this week they are looking into a question rather close to our hearts “by asking if the gay novel can make a difference.” They head off to Soho to ask people about the books that changed their lives, and talk to one of our short listed authors from last year, the lovely Max Schaefer, whose novel ‘Children of the Sun’ looks at homosexuality in the National Front.

With us in the studio are three of today’s gay novelists one of whom is one of our very own judges this year, Stella Duffy. In the podcast she explains why, though she’s happy to be out, she hates to be pigeonholed, and why feminism is more important to her than sexual identity. There are also thoughts from Neil Bartlett and Paul Burston explaining “why they keep returning to historical themes – whether it’s Burston’s new romantics or Bartlett’s innocents from the 1960s.”

The only thing that was slightly annoying was that the Green Carnation Prize didn’t actually get a mention, however its still a really interesting set of topics and discussion so to hear it simply go here. Enjoy.

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  1. stelladuffy says:

    sorry! I did try but time ran out sooner than I expected …

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