The Countdown Clock is Ticking…

Welcome to the relaunch of The Green Carnation Prize 2011 – to mark just three months until all submissions must be in.

This week has seen a hive of activity going on behind the scenes as we prepare to relaunch the award. Press releases (which you can find here and pass on should you wish) have been flying through the ether, tweaks have been made to the new website and its all been rather a whirl.

So what can you expect in the months leading up to the final submission date of August the 5th 2011? Well, the answer is lots. We have a new roving reporter in the form of Gavin Pugh of Gav Reads who has already been interrogating the judges and will be bringing you an exclusive set of interviews giving insight into the judging process and how every judge is different. He will also be having a series of interviews with LGBT authors.

If that wasn’t enough there will also be competitions, blogs from the judges themselves and a series looking at the great LGBT themed novels written outside of the LGBT community, those ‘Lost’ Green Carnation novels and all the latest news and events (which are going to be UK wide – you have been warned!) as they come to us. There will also be lots of chance for your feedback, discussion and debate.

There’s lots and lots to come with the prize this year, we hope you are looking forward to it all as much as we are.

The Green Carnation Team 2011

P.S Look out for a statement from our Chair of Judges later this morning.

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