Undergoing A Change…

If you have popped onto The Green Carnation website and are thinking ‘hang on a second this looks new’ you would be right. We are currently working on a new and improved Green Carnation website before we re-launch the prize officially in the countdown to to final three months left, on June the 5th, for submissions (the judges are already knee deep in reading material from some well known and debut authors at present) for this years award.

We will be launching a new line of interviews with the judges and some LGBT authors, along with a possible ‘Lost’ Green Carnation Prize/set of books and if that wasn’t enough we have a few more tricks and ideas that we are plotting and planning at present behind the scenes.

In the lead up to the relaunch, and countdown to the end of submissions, on the 5th of June we are focusing on making the site more user friendly, rewording bits here and there that seem to be causing some confusion (it’s out second year so we are learning) and sorting out some FAQ’s and new pages. So if you have any feedback we would love to hear it. For example, if you love or loathe this new ‘theme’ and look, ha.

Many thanks (and do keep coming back and reporting on everything),

The Green Carnation Team

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