Blooming marvellous

(L-R: Jimmy MacSweeney, Jonathan Kemp, Rupert Smith, and Christopher Fowler)

A terrific thank you to everyone who braved November’s dark chills last Thursday night, to throng the Gay’s the Word bookshop for the Green Carnation’s first ever night of readings from shortlisted authors. A heartfelt thank you to Gay’s the Word, who hosted and organised the event with such a lovely energy. It was fab to see such a great bookshop so packed.

And a special, absinthe green, floral-scented thank you to our shortlisted authors (pictured with Jimmy McSweeney, above), Christopher Fowler, Jonathan Kemp and Rupert Smith. James Hannaham and Max Schaefer, our other two authors, sadly couldn’t be there; but we had three fantastic readings, reminders of the riches and variety of the shortlist.

They took us to Metropolis; to a Victorian mock-wedding of brothel-keepers; all the way to Blackpool on a Saturday night. It was a great night for the Prize, and great to hear people say how pleased they were it was happening, how overdue it was.

(Thanks to Brent A. Martin for the photo – lots more on Gay’s the Word’s Facebook page!)

The question we didn’t ask that night was: who’ll win, come December? It was a night of pleasure, in stories and conversation, and if the Green Carnation’s stood for anything this year, it’s been pleasure. Ditch the status anxiety: the worry over worthiness, the itching for importance. Did we enjoy it? Did we want to spread the word and get other people reading these books?

But late autumn’s giving way to winter, and something’s in the air – a winner will be announced, on December 1st. Who should it be? What do you think?

Photograph © Brent A. Martin / Zeitgeist Images

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